Classic Whist

About Classic Whist

Whist is a simple partnership trick-taking card game. While the rules of the game are simple, it takes good strategic thinking and teamwork to master.

Work with your AI partner to outwit your opponents in this fast and fun card game.

It's a great game for learning trick-taking card games and Whist games of all types, but challenging enough when switched to hard mode to keep you entertained! In this version you can set your preferred win target, choose to play with or without 'honours', and set the AI level to easy or hard. There are also many colour themes and decks to choose from to keep the landscape interesting!

As recommended in the article Hidden Gems: Top Card Games To Play On IOS.

Classic Whist app screenshotClassic Whist app screenshotClassic Whist app screenshotClassic Whist app screenshotClassic Whist app screenshot

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How To Play

Whist is a classic four player partnership game using one standard deck of 52 cards.

The aim of the game is to be the first partnership to reach 5 points.

At the end of each round, points are scored by the number of tricks each partnership has collected. 1 point is awarded for every trick a partnership takes above 6 tricks. So taking 8 tricks to your opponents' 5 would win you 2 points for the round.


The dealer is initially chosen at random, and then moves clockwise round the table for subsequent rounds.

13 cards are dealt to each player.

The last card to be dealt is shown face up, and sets the trump suit for the round of play. This card is then dealt as the last card to the dealer.


Whoever is left of the dealer leads a card to start. Each player must play one card in a clockwise order, following suit where they can.

The winner of each trick is the player who plays the highest card matching the suit of the first player to play, unless a trump is played, in which case the highest trump card will win the trick.

If you cannot follow suit you can play any card from your hand.


At the end of each hand, the tricks each partnership collects are totalled.

1 point is awarded for every trick a partnership takes above 6 tricks. So taking 8 tricks to your opponents 5 would win you 2 points for the round.

If you are playing a game with the honour bonus turned on, honours are claimed after the trick points are calculated. If a team is dealt all four honours (A, K, Q and J) in the trump suit for the round, they are awarded 4 bonus points. If a team is dealt three of the four honours, they are awarded 2 bonus points. If the honours are shared evenly between the two teams then no bonus points are awarded.

You cannot win a game with honour bonus alone. If your team is 2 points away from victory and you were dealt all four honours, you would only receive one bonus point. The final point required for victory must come from trick points.


Choose from the following settings (defaults shown in italics):

Sound: off, on.

Speed: normal, fast.

Hand display: one row, stacked (choose whether large hands are arranged in one or two rows).

Cards: modern, classic.

Deck: 4 card backs to choose from for the classic cards, and 16 for the modern cards.

Theme: A range of background styles and app themes to choose from.

Single click play: on, off.

AI level: easy, hard.

Win target: 5, 7 or 9.

Honours: off, on.


Home screen:

From the home screen you can access the following options:

  • Start new game or continue game.
  • Settings (cog icon, bottom left).
  • Statistics (trophy icon, top left): View all time stats and view and reset session stats.
  • Sound (speaker icon, top right): Tap to toggle between sound on and off.
  • Information (question mark icon, bottom right).

During a Game

Your cards are displayed face up at the bottom of the screen, your partner's are face down at the top of the screen, and your opponents’ cards are face down at the left and right. Your cards are ordered by suit then low to high from left to right. Your partner's and opponents’ cards are ordered at random.

During play, each player’s score for the round is shown in front of their hand. A green or red light is displayed next to your score to display green when it is your turn to act, or red when it is not.

When it is your turn to act, tap on a card from your hand that you want to select, and then tap it again to play the card (or tap it just once if the 'single click play' setting is turned on). Alternatively you can drag the card into position. You can change which cards are selected before playing selecting other cards.

At the end of the hand the scores each player parnership receives are displayed, as well as the total honours and total score for each partnership for the game.